Particle Beam Optics
Overview Transport/Turtle Framework Features
Feature Transport Turtle
 Computation Method Matrix accumulation Ray tracing
 Input Editors 5 2
 Histogram Output Viewers not available 3
 Envelope Display yes not available
 Ellipse Display yes yes
 Trajectories(D,C,S,Ray) yes not available
 Fitting Algorithms 2 none
 Output->Input Feedback yes no
 Space Charge Computation yes no
 Multiple Scattering no yes
 Particle Decay no yes
 Order of Computation up to 2nd up to 3rd
 Online Help available yes yes
   Magnetic Elements:    
 Bending Magnet 2nd 2nd
 Fringing Field of Bend 2nd 2nd
 Quadrupole 2nd 3rd
 Fringing Field of Quadrupole 2nd 3rd
 Sextupole 2nd 2nd
 Octupole no 3rd
 Solenoid 2nd 1st
 Multipole Contributions no yes
   Electrostatic Elements:    
 Deflector 1st 1st
 Accelerator 1st 1st
 Einzel Lens 1st 1st
 Quadrupole 1st 3rd
 Fringing Field of Quadrupole 1st 3rd
   Combined Elements:    
 Wien Filter 1st 1st
 Particle Separator no 1st
   Other Elements:    
 Drift yes yes
 Degrader/Target no yes
 Slit Display only yes
 Collimator no yes

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