New µE4 beam line

This new beam line is dedicated to low momentum µ (< 30 MeV/c), and should delivers high intensity µ.

Here is a layout in A3 format

This beam line consist of two shielded solenoids SWX1-SWX2 , in order to have a large phase space (3x0.15 cm^2 and 250x250 mrad^2) feeding in the first bending magnet ASR61 . The pole shoe of this magnet is an inverted trapeze with 20 ° angle for entrance and exit face. It bends 40 °

There are two other bending magnets ASR62-ASR63 (34 ° bending angle) with square pole shoe.

In total we have 4 triplets made of 3 QSM quadrupoles

Between the two last triplets, a short separator is foreseen, in order to avoid electrons contamination.

LEMU is the user's apparatus !

Here is a description of distances and other informations.

A temporarilly best beam spot at LEMU position is shown in beam spot

Here you find TRANSPORT and TUTRTLE outputs OUTPUTS

The coordinator for this beam line is Thomas Prokscha.


More technical details you find in .