Proscan project layout studies done by Urs Rohrer at PSI

This Proscan-page shows entry points to some articles composed by Urs Rohrer about themes concerning PSI's Proscan project. Proscan is PSI's proton therapy research project for investigating medical cancer therapy by irradiating deep-seated tumours with protons. Proscan stands also for a collaboration of international interest between PSI and industrial partners. A 3D-drawing of the final status of the Proscan layout in PSI's NA-hall is also given. Proscan mainly consists of a 250 MeV superconducting cyclotron, a degrader station for variable energy modulation, 2 gantries, an Optis (Ocular tumor proton therapy), an experimental area and the interconnecting proton transfer beam lines. Tumor irradiations with Gantry-1 have been done successfully for about 10 years with PSI's 590 MeV high intensity cyclotron. The first half year of 2006 has been used to switch in a complicated task Gantry-1's proton beam source from the 590 MeV cyclotron to Proscan's own new 250 MeV cyclotron. First treatment of patients with the Proscan facility had started towards the end of 2006.

Proscan project layout studies at PSI

Proscan Area Layout

Proscan Area Layout

For more details concerning some optical design studies done by Urs Rohrer for the Proscan proton beam lines see:
PSI Large Research Facilities Scientific and Technical Report 2002, Volume VI,
Urs Rohrer Optical Design of the Proton Beam Lines for the Proscan Project
Degrader Design for a 250 MeV Medical Cyclotron for Proton Therapy
A proposal of a novel method for ocular tumor treatment with Proscan
Double scattering for beam spreading (e.g. for ocular tumor irradiation)
Medical Gantry Optical Design for Proton Therapy (e.g. for Proscan)

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