µE4 muon beam line for LEM

Muon Beam Line This new muon beam line for the µE4 area is dedicated to low energy µ mesons (LEM, momentum p < 30 MeV/c) and should deliver a high intensity beam of low energy muons. The layout of the optical elements along the muon beam line is shown with the drawing above and explained in the following text:
Muon Beam Line This muon beam line starts with two iron shielded solenoids SWX1 and SWX2 (radiation hard, Pyrotenax mineral-insulated coil conductors). The reason for this is to have a large phase space acceptance (3 cm x 0.15 cm in x and y and 250 mr x 250 mr in x' and y') in the first bending magnet ASR61 (radiation hard, Pyrotenax mineral-insulated coil conductors). The shape of this bending magnet is an inverted trapezoid with an edge angle of 20° for both (entrance and exit) faces and its bending angle is 40°.
Muon Beam Line The two following bending magnets ASR62 and ASR63 (34° bending angle) have a square edge shape (entrance and exit pole face angle equal 0°) . A total of four quadrupole triplets are used for this muon beam line, each made of three quadrupoles of type QSM. Between the last two quadrupole triplets of this muon beam line, the placement of a short separator is foreseen in order to get rid of the electron contamination for this muon beam.
Muon Beam Line A layout description of the µE4 muon beam line and some other information are given. At the end of the µE4 muon beam line the LEM user's apparatus is positioned. A guessed best muon beam spot at the LEM user position is shown. Some graphic TRANSPORT outputs of the µE4 muon beam line envelopes are also available.

Note: The old µE4 muon beam line having a quadrupole triplet for extracting the muon beam and a super-conducting solenoid among further important elements of the old µE4 muon beam line has been dismantled in the shutdown 2004 and replaced by the new µE4 large phase space acceptance muon beam line dedicated solely to LEM and described above.
The relevant computer codes for the design of this muon beam line were the Graphic Transport Framework, the Graphic Turtle Framework and Vjeran Vrankovic's and David George's Track ray-tracing program.

The coordinator for this muon beam line is T. Prokscha.

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