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Secondary Beam Line In List 1 follows an enumeration and short descriptions of the programs (Optima et al. for Windows) available on all 7 area PCs. They are all programmed in C++ using the WIN32-API and an own static class library [MyWPP.Lib, subset of Blaise Computing's WIN++ for MS Windows 3.1 (1991) ported to WIN32]. In order to add some additionally needed functionality to the WIN32-API, a few DLLs (Direct Link Libraries) have been created (see List 2). All presented programs and libraries run currently under Windows XP Professional.

List 1:
List 2:
  • Camac Library (Camac32.Dll). This library is used by Server32.Exe and contains all routines for performing the Camac-I/Os of the above described programs. When initialized, it reads in the database (DEVICE.LIS) in order to learn about the addresses, mode bits etc. of all devices. A new initialization (over the network) is triggered each time when the Set Point Program is exited and restarted. This is important to know when changing the DEVICE.LIS on the server in order to make the newly typed in data effective. If a reservation unit (REMOD) is present in the crate and included in the DEVICE.LIS, then an arbitration between the different programs and a second computer connected via a second crate controller is performed.
  • User Drawn Button Library (Usrbtn32.Dll). This library contains some bitmaps and routines for drawing buttons and patterns to give the dialog boxes of all above described programs the look similar to programs built with the old 16bit Borland bwcc-library independent of the brand name of the newly used 32bit C/C++ compiler.
  • Analog Meter (Anamtr32.Dll). The source code of this DLL has been extracted form "Windows Programmierbuch" (Sybex 1992) by Marcellus Bucheit and ported to the WIN32 API. This DLL is used by the application program Proton Accelerator Status to display the different beam currents with the help of an analog meter.
  • Colored Button (Colrbt32.Dll). This DLL is needed for producing buttons with arbitrarily colored faces, shades, highlights and fonts. It's utilized with the Setpoint Program for enhancing in different blues the device which has the input focus and to show in red the name of the currently loaded disk file.

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