Urs Rohrer

For down-loading some old WWW software:

Select FTP or HTTP server !

For your convenience some redundancy has been created by
putting some programs on 3 different servers.
Before down-loading do not forget to read:

01-index.txt for knowing which files you may need and
2-readme.txt for learning how to handle them !

Please click at the server of your choice:

standard psi ftp server ftp
pc102.psi.ch http
pc532.psi.ch http

note: not all 3 systems may be up all the time.

Some useful links to Urs Rohrer's main themes (charged particle beams and optics at PSI):
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Beam Tomography with Maximum Entropy Secondary Beam Line Control System
Graphic Transport Framework Graphic Turtle Framework
Double Scattering Computations for Beam Spreading Isotope Production Yield Optimization
Degrader Design Projected Emittance Computation
Particle Beam Optics Compendium Collection Proton Beam Therapy Application Examples
Charged Particle Optics Programs Proscan Area Layout
Client/Server Communication Examples Experimental Hall of PSI
Solenoid Particle Tracking with Turtle HTML Calculator for the Desktop
Muon Beam Line for LEM etc. Beam Tomography Collection
Beam Line Design at PSI

Last updated by Urs Rohrer on 9-May-2006