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This Experimental Hall applet shows the PSI Experimental Hall and its Proton beam facilities with all its proton, muon and neutron beam lines and the proton accelerator complex located in this Experimental Hall. Links are leading from the Experimental Hall applet to the different sites in this Experimental Hall with related info if clicked at them with your mouse. A kind of tool tips are popping up (if Javascript is enabled) when the mouse is moved over the Experimental Hall surface with its many different depicted areas of the PSI Experimental Hall. Be aware that the PSI Experimental Hall is hosting the most intensive proton beam of the world (1.2 Megawatt, 590 MeV, 1.9 mA, status 2006). Besides the Experimental Hall the Neutron Target Hall, the Neutron Guide Hall, the NA-Hall (used today for PROSCAN and UCN) and the Cockroft Walton/Injector-2/IP2 Bunker are also included in this display, because their activities are interconnected via proton beam lines with the activities in the Experimental Hall. The former PIREX station in the NA-Hall to the left of the main Experimental Hall is dismanteled. Most of this NA-Hall space (west side of the PSI Experimental Hall complex) is now used for Proscan (tumor proton therapy facility with a new superconducting 250 MeV cyclotron and with Gantry-1 and later also with Gantry-2 and an ocular tumor proton irradiation station [Optis])

Experimental Hall Facilities and Proton Accelerators

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